3D Imaging camera system for Plastic Surgery at James MurphyOur 3D imaging system will generate a 180-degree picture of your face, breasts or torso. You simply sit or stand behind three screens, keeping very still, while the images are captured.

We then use a computer programme to generate a picture of your actual body. Once this is complete, Mr Murphy will manipulate the image to simulate what results could be achieved with the cosmetic surgery procedure you have in mind.

The technology will allow you to view these images from a variety of angles, and side-by-side, so it’s easy to compare them with your current appearance.

Throughout the process, you’ll be able to evaluate and review different surgical procedures and options in conjunction with Mr Murphy. The aim is to give you greater confidence to make the right decisions about your plastic surgery.

Benefits of 3D imaging:

  • See accurate images of how your body could look from different angles after surgery
  • View the overall effect of multiple cosmetic surgery procedures
  • Make decisions about your cosmetic surgery with greater confidence

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