The most common question we’re asked at our breast augmentation practice in Manchester is: ‘What size and shape would suit me best?’

Breast augmentation simulation using Breast Sculptor 3D imaging at James Murphy

3D Breast augmentation simulation using Breast Sculptor at James Murphy

Now you can experiment with different breast implant options, before you go ahead with surgery, thanks to our state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology.

We are the only breast augmentation practice in Manchester – indeed, in the UK – to offer 3D imaging. It’s a straight-forward way to build an accurate picture of what you’ll look like if you go ahead with breast augmentation surgery.

Compare different shapes and sizes

Because our 3D system is pre-programmed with thousands of different breast implants, we can help you compare how you would look using a different shapes and sizes. You’ll be able to visualise what you would look like from different angles, with and without a bra or bikini.

In addition, you’ll be able to see whether the results you would like to achieve would require a breast lift in conjunction with implants.

Make decisions with confidence

Your 3D simulations would be based on your real-life body form and the actual implants we would use, so the images you’d see would be highly accurate.

And don’t worry if your breasts are different sizes – this is very common and known as ‘breast asymmetry’. We can programme the 3D simulator to show the size and position of each breast and develop a surgical plan which will compensate for breast asymmetry, if necessary.

Benefits of 3D imaging:

  • See accurate images of how your body could look from different angles after surgery
  • View the overall effect of multiple cosmetic surgery procedures
  • Make decisions about your cosmetic surgery with greater confidence

Want to find out more?

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