Enhance the natural

It’s not surprising that many people are initially afraid of cosmetic surgery in case the surgeon goes too far, creating a too drastic change.

The problem is expounded by the fact that patients often see celebrities featured in the media who are vilified for their cosmetically enhanced features.  Only in the last few weeks, TOWIE star Amy Childs hit the headlines for apparently being unable to speak properly due to cosmetic surgery on her lips.  This sort of publicity can give very much the wrong impression of what a good cosmetic surgeon can do for someone’s appearance.

I’m a great exponent that, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, the natural look is always best.  Most people simply want to be a better version of themselves.

In my experience, a patient going through a personal reinvention uses cosmetic surgery as part of the solution to achieve the look they’re after.

However, by far the majority of our clients are not completely reinventing the way they look.  It’s usually a case that they have been unhappy with an aspect of their appearance for a number of years and have got to the point where they decide ‘enough is enough’.  Their objective is greater self-esteem rather than a complete new look.

That’s why, in most instances, the cosmetic surgery procedures we carry out at our clinic in Manchester are rarely ‘extreme’.

This issue highlights the importance of good communication between all parties involved – you as the patient, myself and my wider team.  It’s only through truly understanding the look that a patient hopes to achieve that it’s possible to weigh up whether this is realistic and appropriate.

It’s also a question of trust.  While we will always, of course, be guided by a patient’s wishes, we will always provide unbiased, professional advice on whether we feel that procedure is suitable.  We want patients to leave our clinic feeling delighted with their results and ready to face the world with enhanced confidence.

Many patients now use our 3D imaging service which enables us to take an image of their body and show how it would change through cosmetic surgery.  It’s helpful when planning all procedures but particularly for breast enlargement as women can see whether they’re making the right choice about size and shape of implant.

You can find out more about our 3D imaging service here or get in touch to book a free, no obligation consultation at your convenience.


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Mr Murphy is a fully accredited plastic surgeon and is entered into the General Medical Council (GMC) specialist register for plastic surgery. He is a full member of the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

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