Friends count – getting the support you need

For most people, having cosmetic surgery is a private affair which they share only with close friends and relatives.  While cosmetic surgery is becoming more socially acceptable, it remains a subject that divides people so to talk openly about having had a particular procedure can feel like you’re inviting criticism or unfair judgement.   That said, it’s likely that you’ll need the support of a few close friends or relatives in the aftermath of surgery so that you recover as quickly and as comfortably as possible.  So, how do you enlist the support of friends and family, and what can they do to help you recover?

Who to ask for help

It’s important to enlist the support of people who will have your best interests at heart.  Your support group may be your spouse, your parents, your siblings or one or two very close friends.  Hopefully they will be supportive of your decision to have cosmetic surgery.  However they feel, talk to them before you have your surgery to explain your rationale and to tell them that their support is important to you.

How to ask for help

Often, well-meaning friends or family will want to help but won’t be entirely sure what to do.  It’s worth being specific so that you get the support you need.  Think in advance about the things you usually take responsibility for and decide what you will need to delegate and who may be the best person to delegate to.  Getting a few people to do a few things will be easier than asking one person to do a lot!

What help will you need?

  • Getting to hospital – ask someone to be available to drive you to and from hospital before and after your surgery. You don’t want to have to worry about parking the car and you certainly shouldn’t drive if you’ve had an anaesthetic.
  • Home from hospital – make sure someone is available to you at home to help make you comfortable. They may simply make sure you’ve got the right pillows to hand or that the TV remote control or your books and magazines are nearby (it’s likely you’ll need to rest for a few days!)
  • You may need someone else to take responsibility for things like getting your children dressed and ready for school, or someone who will willingly take on everyday household chores like making sure the fridge is stocked. This is a time when you’ll particularly value someone who can put a meal on the table at tea time or tidy up each day while you’re off your feet.

How can we help?

During your pre-surgery consultation we will discuss your required support arrangements to help you make appropriate plans so that, once your procedure is complete, you can focus on recovering well.


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